• The tops of your trees can act as a wind trap in strong wind conditions. As a precautionary measure we climb high into your tress and strategically remove branches. This allows the wind to pass through the trees thus reducing movement and strain in strong winds.

  • Balancing your trees makes them more appealing to the eye and also keeps their weight dispersed evenly for storm safety.

  • Remove branches from your trees that are no longer living. This allows a solid barrier of bark to protect your trees against dry rot, insect infestation, fire hazard and disease.

Tree & Stump Removal
Pruning & Trimming
Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree and stump removal can be an expensive and potentially dangerous proposition if you try and undertake it yourself. So trust the experts at Kostos Tree Service, Inc., a full-service tree maintenance company that serves all of San Diego County. We are professionals who can handle your tree needs.
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  • Let Kostos Tree Service improve the shape and appearance of your tree. Pruning and trimming is not only about making your trees look good but also to help them grow healthier! Kostos is San Diego’s pruning and trimming experts and know how to identify potentially dangerous branches before they have the chance to damage your property.
  • Kostos is available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, to help remove fallen, damaged, or dangerous trees from your property. We make sure your property is cleared of debris and accessible as quick as possible.

Kostos Tree Service, Inc.


Expert Services

*Health/Safety Analysis of Trees & Shrubs
*Hazard Tree Evaluation
*Mature Tree Preservation
*Crown Reduction
*Ornamental Tree and Shrub Shaping
*Lacing / Pruning
*Emergency Services – Storm Damage
*Removals / Stump Grinding
*Tree Health Maintenance Program
*Removal and Disposal of Debris

Kostos tree service has provided San Diego county with professional tree care since 1988. we are highly skilled experts trained to protect and enhance beautiful landscapes through professional tree and shrub services.

Location & Phone number

12810 Wildcat Canyon Rd. Lakeside, CA 92040

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Call today for a free estimate and we will evaluate the condition, health and safety of your trees and shrubs. Insurance Work Welcomed!