Expert Tree Services

Kostos Tree Service professionals are experts at Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Estates tree care. Commercial clients require competent tree care professionals they can depend on, with a minimum of disruption. The appearance of your property is a picture that speaks a 1000 words to your tenants, customers, employees, visitors and investors. Well maintained trees and shrubbery are an important architectural asset and marketing attribute. Our tree care specialist offer you a variety of expert tree services that will enhance the image of your commercial enterprise and fit the needs of your business. We look for ways to add value and beauty to your properties, and take care of dangerous neglected or damaged trees.

The removal of dead or dangerous trees in public spaces is essential to limit liability and ensure safety. Thoughtful, managed maintenance of mature shade trees and appropriate pruning of young trees is also important in minimizing liability and maintaining healthy, attractive trees and shrubs. In order to achieve these goals, it takes knowledgeable tree care professionals with the necessary experience to complete the job safely and efficiently.

San Diegos Best Tree Service


*Health/Safety Analysis of Trees and Shrubs
*Hazard Tree Evaluation
*Mature Tree Preservation
*Crown Reduction
*Ornamental Tree and Shrub Shaping
*Lacing / Pruning
*Emergency Services – Storm Damage
*Removals / Stump Grinding
*Tree Health Maintenance Program
*Removal and Disposal of Debris

Insurance Work Welcome